Take a look at our Partners and Collaborators page and you will see that PHARCS has a very clear objective – we want to improve the lives of all older persons in Dominica. There are a large number of our elders who, especially since the passage of Hurricane Maria in September 2017, are poor, living in very difficult conditions because they cannot afford to repair the roof of their properties. There is also a very high ratio of older persons with non communicable diseases.  Our mission is to provide a platform to educate older persons and those caring for them on how to live healthy lives even with these conditions.

There is also very large numbers of older persons – statistics are not presently available – afflicted by Dementia.  Very little is understood in Dominica about the impact and effects of Dementia both on the sufferer and their loved ones.  Additionally at present we have no regulatory governance over homes for the elderly.  We believe that it is in the public interest that PHARCS and other homes on the island be accountable for the care and other services provided to elders in care homes.

Elder abuse and the eradication of it – especially financial abuse is our passion.  We believe that there needs to be more robust criminal penalties for persons who financially abuse older persons.Our dream is that we can get people talking about these issues and more importantly that we can raise awareness through education campaigns on the radio and television and through information leaflets.

Such is the importance of these topics to us that we have established a non-profit organisation – Premium Seniors Foundation to enable us to take these objectives forward.

We welcome your support and would love to get as many persons as possible involved in these projects.

If you are interested in participating then please get in touch.