We are very pleased to be working in partnership and/or collaboration with various organisations both locally and internationally to advance the cause of the elderly in Dominica.

We have a number of projects that we are working on including:-

  • Establishing a recognised qualification for Care Givers in Dominica.
  • Establishing a Register of Trained Care Givers in Dominica.
  • Lobbying for more robust legislation to protect older persons in care homes.
  • Lobbying for legislation to make elder abuse a criminal offence in Dominica.
  • Setting up a helpline to report elder abuse.
  • To achieve these objectives we are working closely with the following organisations:

Dominica Council on Ageing.  We have a close working relationship with the Council, who is the umbrella organisations for all matters relating to older persons in Dominica.  PHARCS was proud to work in partnership with the Dominica Council on Ageing to run The Care Certificate Training Programme in 2016.  PHARCS is a member of Dominica Council on Ageing.

AMDOR Martinique  We are honoured and delighted to boast that we have from the inception of PHARCS worked very closely with AMDOR Martinique.  We have received tremendous support from AMDOR and as a direct result of our close working partnership, have fostered many useful and important links with other residential are homes and business serving the older community.  This has helped us with our mission to improves services provided to the elderly in Dominica and we look forward to a long a successful working partnership with AMDOR Martinque, the umbrella organisation for all elderly matters in Martinique.

We are very proud and honoured to work in collaboration and in partnership with Lifeline Ministries Dominica.  Lifeline Ministries Dominica is a faith based NGO that does amazing work on the island to help vulnerable groups, families and individuals find sustainable solutions.

Dominica Dementia Foundation.  We have been involved with the Foundation since its inception in September 2016 and in particular with it’s founder – Rianna Patterson.  PHARCS and the Dominica Dementia Foundation shares similar goals which is to raise awareness and educate the population on the impact of Dementia on older persons and their families and establishing a network of support for Dementia sufferers and their families.

FIAPA – We are proud to be members of the International Federation of Associations for Older Persons, based in France.